Sweet Baton Rouge® Donation Request Form

Every year, our company sets aside a budget to contribute to community activities by providing in-kind gifts such as Sweet Baton Rouge® Louisiana Goods Apparel and Gift Cards. Supporting our community is a significant part of our mission, and we strive to do so through various programs. However, there’s a growing number of requests and we will have to support those organizations that support us as our priority.

We will only consider donation requests submitted through Sweet Baton Rouge® Donation Request Form. We will no longer accept requests via email. To proceed, we require a company W9 or 504 Letterhead with a tax ID number.

Upon receiving your completed application, we will carefully review your donation request. If we decide to honor your request, a member of the Sweet Baton Rouge team will reach out to you with the email you provided in our form.

Thank you for understanding, and we appreciate your dedication to making a positive impact in our community.