-I begin my humble analysis with a paradoxical sentence: “Brazil does not lose the opportunity to lose great opportunities”.

-Brazil looks like that beautiful Ford Mustang parked in the garage, however, with a little thing out of the axis. It has no wheels.

-Despite being without the beautiful wheels, it still manages to leave the place, and that means that the powerful engine under the hood (agribusiness, mining and oil) does its job very well, worthy of a beautiful car.

- Now I'm thinking to myself. If without wheels this car manages to walk, even if dragging itself, imagine if this same car had at least one scooter wheel (administrative and tax reforms), how prosperous and powerful it would be. But there is an old saying that is used in Brazil that is exactly like that. “God does not give wings to snakes”.

-By making an analogy, Brazil is still a small baby compared to the world's economies. As it is an extremely young economy, Brazil has little commercial history with the world, as it recently opened up to global trade, more precisely in 1990, and despite this young economic opening, it is already part of the select group of countries that it has strong influences in some key sectors of the global value chain, too bad the country didn't discover this. (lol)

-Can we expect improvements for the future of Brazil? As previously stated, “Brazil does not miss the opportunity to lose great opportunities”.

$ Let's Graph $

-The index has found the long average, and it could be the stumbling block to a steeper climb. We had a beautiful bullish pivot formed that is managing to advance, however, it is in a region of strong resistance (previous bottoms).

-The non-breaking of the long average, and the prices not advancing up to the FIBO yard of 1,618, we may have retreats to the region of 106.K and finally, at 103.7K, therefore, the “bulls” need to take the strength to missing yard if you want to advance to new heights.

-Do your analysis and good business.
-Be Aware, If You Buy, Use Stop!
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