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Drawings synchronization across all layouts
Aug 1
Anchored Volume Profile: new drawing tool on your charts
Aug 3
Autochartist creates a product for brokers powered with TradingView Advanced Charts
Aug 3
Drawings synchronization across all layouts
Aug 1
Improvements to Financials: compare reports, search for stats quickly, share your analysis
Jul 25
Eurex futures data updated: settlement prices on chart, back-adjustment, and Open interest now available
Jul 24
Coinfest Asia 2023: Web2.5, 100+ speakers, and amazing insights in crypto and blockchain
Jul 18
More data from the Korea Exchange: warrants, ETFs, ETNs
Jul 6
New features in Pine Script®: realistic backtests on Heikin Ashi charts, built-ins to access symbol info, and more
Jun 30
Improved Stock and Crypto heatmaps: more data, additional settings, new color schemes
Jun 23
You can now research DEX pairs and filter Futures, Spot, and Perpetual in Crypto Pairs Screener
Jun 19