US stocks that've tanked in value the most

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. If a stock is listed here then it is fallen, having significantly plummeted in share value. Sometimes this is a great and temporary 'dip' that investors can buy before making a profit on the rebound. Oftentimes though, the decline heralds a longer, more tortuous, rut for the company to claw itself out of. Whether you think it's the former or the latter will depend largely on your skills as a trader, and your faith in the fundamentals of these US companies.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
Market cap perf % 1Y
FTELFitell Corporation
−46.73%2.69 USD−2.36 USD750.944K2.02M USD21.843M USD−0.09 USD17Retail Trade
BRSHBruush Oral Care Inc.
−44.94%4.24 USD−3.46 USD
Strong Sell
2.669M11.315M USD34.56M USD11Retail Trade
TYGOTigo Energy, Inc.
−43.62%12.01 USD−9.29 USD
Strong Sell
986.822K11.852M USD698.316M USD734.75%−0.08 USDElectronic Technology
VERIVeritone, Inc.
−37.00%2.52 USD−1.48 USD
Strong Sell
2.632M6.633M USD92.799M USD−54.52%−1.26 USD661Commercial Services
UPSTUpstart Holdings, Inc.
−34.24%34.03 USD−17.72 USD
34.562M1.176B USD2.813B USD84.86%−3.28 USD1.875KTechnology Services
PUBMPubMatic, Inc.
−33.73%12.30 USD−6.26 USD
Strong Sell
3.514M43.223M USD638.854M USD−16.33%200.000.09 USD875Technology Services
SEERSeer, Inc.
−33.69%3.09 USD−1.57 USD
Strong Sell
958.392K2.961M USD196.961M USD−53.68%−1.49 USD164Health Technology
FTCIFTC Solar, Inc.
−33.53%2.30 USD−1.16 USD
Strong Sell
10.255M23.586M USD256.898M USD−20.39%−0.81 USD221Technology Services
ANGIAngi Inc.
−33.07%2.59 USD−1.28 USD
Strong Sell
6.225M16.123M USD1.312B USD−36.44%−0.20 USD4.6KTechnology Services
KVHIKVH Industries, Inc.
−31.54%5.97 USD−2.75 USD
Strong Sell
462.614K2.762M USD116.44M USD−30.36%3.871.54 USD397Electronic Technology
TWOU2U, Inc.
−28.74%3.05 USD−1.23 USD
Strong Sell
5.268M16.069M USD248.331M USD−50.15%−4.55 USD7.144KTechnology Services
BLFSBioLife Solutions, Inc.
−28.71%13.11 USD−5.28 USD
Strong Sell
2.242M29.395M USD570.113M USD−44.38%−1.94 USD467Health Technology
EXFYExpensify, Inc.
−28.55%4.23 USD−1.69 USD
Strong Sell
3.874M16.386M USD350.821M USD−72.58%−0.35 USD138Technology Services
AGTIAgiliti, Inc.
−27.95%12.27 USD−4.76 USD
Strong Sell
1.232M15.12M USD1.657B USD−6.03%409.000.03 USD5.5KConsumer Services
ASLEAerSale Corporation
−25.14%10.93 USD−3.67 USD
Strong Sell
3.24M35.418M USD559.85M USD−27.66%−0.05 USD606Distribution Services
ESGLESGL Holdings Limited
−24.25%3.03 USD−0.97 USD
Strong Sell
296.296K897.777K USD17.779M USD−78.97%−0.10 USDCommercial Services
SMCISuper Micro Computer, Inc.
−23.39%266.13 USD−81.27 USD
11.456M3.049B USD13.969B USD498.62%23.2512.11 USDElectronic Technology
RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.
−23.06%3.27 USD−0.98 USD
Strong Sell
4.089M13.37M USD212.938M USD−12.08%31.440.11 USD2.5KProcess Industries
GRWGGrowGeneration Corp.
−22.87%2.80 USD−0.83 USD
Strong Sell
4.127M11.555M USD171.449M USD−27.05%−0.56 USD455Distribution Services
DOCSDoximity, Inc.
−22.84%25.30 USD−7.49 USD
Strong Sell
11.152M282.138M USD4.929B USD−9.51%45.280.61 USD977Technology Services
NOTEFiscalNote Holdings, Inc.
−22.61%2.67 USD−0.78 USD
Strong Sell
3.685M9.839M USD357.632M USD−62.39%−2.09 USD800Technology Services
CUTRCutera, Inc.
−22.52%13.38 USD−3.89 USD
Strong Sell
3.655M48.898M USD266.132M USD−61.69%−3.87 USD540Health Technology
LPROOpen Lending Corporation
−22.34%7.96 USD−2.29 USD
Strong Sell
2.679M21.326M USD960.405M USD−9.69%22.350.36 USD180Technology Services
RBLXRoblox Corporation
−21.94%29.46 USD−8.28 USD
Strong Sell
57.18M1.685B USD17.991B USD−17.95%−1.72 USD2.128KTechnology Services
EGHT8x8 Inc
−21.62%3.30 USD−0.91 USD
Strong Sell
6.876M22.692M USD395.821M USD−36.91%−0.54 USD1.921KTechnology Services
KRNTKornit Digital Ltd.
−20.61%22.23 USD−5.77 USD
Strong Sell
1.949M43.32M USD1.112B USD−5.22%−1.76 USD934Producer Manufacturing, Inc.
−20.46%12.21 USD−3.14 USD
6.066M74.065M USD2.342B USD44.71%−0.05 USD1.383KCommercial Services
TGTredegar Corporation
−20.25%5.08 USD−1.29 USD
Strong Sell
522.77K2.656M USD172.647M USD−41.86%15.590.33 USD2.3KNon-Energy Minerals
SSTISoundThinking, Inc.
−19.85%17.89 USD−4.43 USD
Strong Sell
155.307K2.778M USD219.068M USD−32.09%−0.12 USD213Technology Services
TSQTownsquare Media, Inc.
−19.70%9.05 USD−2.22 USD
Strong Sell
250.089K2.263M USD158.381M USD27.07%8227.270.01 USD2.442KConsumer Services
NRDYNerdy Inc.
−18.75%4.16 USD−0.96 USD
1.788M7.438M USD695.807M USD87.04%−0.55 USD700Technology Services
RMBLRumbleOn, Inc.
−18.30%8.44 USD−1.89 USD
Strong Sell
1.14M9.619M USD139.973M USD−56.14%−19.48 USD2.801KRetail Trade
EBSEmergent Biosolutions, Inc.
−17.78%5.92 USD−1.28 USD
Strong Sell
5.174M30.63M USD298.652M USD−75.68%−12.08 USD2.5KHealth Technology
PMTSCPI Card Group Inc.
−17.58%23.25 USD−4.96 USD
266.243K6.19M USD265.768M USD48.70%6.593.68 USD1.375KFinance
EBIXEbix, Inc.
−17.30%21.71 USD−4.54 USD
1.231M26.734M USD670.87M USD25.46%19.971.09 USD10.521KTechnology Services
SYTASiyata Mobile, Inc.
−17.24%3.60 USD−0.75 USD
805.216K2.899M USD6.674M USD−26.50%−0.61 USD23Electronic Technology
FLLFull House Resorts, Inc.
−17.18%5.11 USD−1.06 USD
Strong Sell
1.06M5.418M USD176.016M USD−33.53%−0.80 USD1.54KConsumer Services
−16.99%2.54 USD−0.52 USD
Strong Sell
531.293K1.349M USD79.146M USD−74.01%−1.76 USD765Electronic Technology
AVDAmerican Vanguard Corporation
−16.36%14.37 USD−2.81 USD
Strong Sell
680.838K9.784M USD422.696M USD−30.77%37.070.39 USD822Process Industries
−16.32%56.14 USD−10.95 USD
Strong Sell
2.544M142.804M USD4.819B USD−17.89%20.462.89 USD11KTechnology Services
EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−15.95%19.23 USD−3.65 USD
Strong Sell
368.477K7.086M USD249.739M USD−38.83%21.120.92 USD135Health Technology
JAMFJamf Holding Corp.
−15.69%16.74 USD−3.12 USD
Strong Sell
1.169M19.561M USD2.099B USD−20.85%−0.92 USD2.796KTechnology Services
ADILAdial Pharmaceuticals, Inc
−15.29%4.82 USD−0.87 USD
Strong Sell
116.626K562.137K USD5.773M USD−51.33%−12.41 USD20Health Technology
KINDNextdoor Holdings, Inc.
−15.17%2.46 USD−0.44 USD
4.019M9.886M USD906.079M USD−21.43%−0.37 USD704Technology Services
DXPEDXP Enterprises, Inc.
−15.04%32.08 USD−5.68 USD
Strong Sell
436.168K13.992M USD557.982M USD5.10%10.402.675KDistribution Services
ELIQElectriq Power Holdings, Inc.
−14.77%2.77 USD−0.48 USD
85.091K235.702K USD22.017M USD−94.76%577.080.00 USDFinance
SLVMSylvamo Corporation
−14.53%41.35 USD−7.03 USD
Strong Sell
1.194M49.358M USD1.76B USD15.75%6.086.89 USD6.5KProcess Industries
MTTRMatterport, Inc.
−14.49%2.69 USD−0.46 USD
Strong Sell
5.705M15.318M USD794.404M USD−30.93%−0.79 USD590Technology Services
MVSTMicrovast Holdings, Inc.
−14.40%2.08 USD−0.35 USD
6.218M12.933M USD657.92M USD−5.50%−0.41 USD2.265KProducer Manufacturing
TMCITreace Medical Concepts, Inc.
−14.36%17.24 USD−2.89 USD
Strong Sell
1.388M23.933M USD1.057B USD20.27%−0.73 USD423Health Technology
MPAAMotorcar Parts of America, Inc.
−13.89%7.87 USD−1.27 USD
Strong Sell
504.869K3.973M USD154.215M USD−44.72%−0.28 USD5.6KProducer Manufacturing
TERNTerns Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−13.73%6.03 USD−0.96 USD
2.243M13.526M USD368.264M USD664.52%−1.29 USD46Health Technology
DOMADoma Holdings, Inc.
−13.50%6.41 USD−1.00 USD
Strong Sell
95.163K609.995K USD86.131M USD−56.68%−20.63 USD1.062KFinance
OLPXOlaplex Holdings, Inc.
−13.31%2.80 USD−0.43 USD
Strong Sell
4.814M13.48M USD1.833B USD−77.82%15.860.19 USD174Consumer Non-Durables
GRIGRI Bio, Inc.
−13.17%2.77 USD−0.42 USD
Strong Sell
7.727K21.404K USD8.086M USD140.43%−23.81 USD7Commercial Services
SILOSilo Pharma, Inc.
−13.04%2.00 USD−0.30 USD
Strong Sell
516.73K1.033M USD6.318M USD−47.79%−1.64 USD3Health Technology
MGNIMagnite, Inc.
−13.04%12.34 USD−1.85 USD
4.495M55.467M USD1.673B USD57.50%−1.38 USD947Technology Services
HRYUHanryu Holdings, Inc.
−12.94%4.24 USD−0.63 USD
Strong Sell
67.271K285.229K USD223.908M USD74Technology Services
PDFSPDF Solutions, Inc.
−12.93%36.36 USD−5.40 USD
480.787K17.481M USD1.386B USD63.00%155.980.24 USD458Technology Services
ONTFON24, Inc.
−12.83%6.93 USD−1.02 USD
Strong Sell
560.366K3.883M USD317.839M USD−25.66%−1.21 USD640Technology Services
WGSGeneDx Holdings Corp.
−12.63%5.81 USD−0.84 USD
Strong Sell
118.207K686.783K USD149.743M USD−75.70%−31.31 USD1.1KHealth Services
TUPTupperware Brands Corporation
−12.58%4.24 USD−0.61 USD
17.766M75.33M USD188.587M USD−62.69%−0.40 USDProducer Manufacturing
BHGBright Health Group, Inc.
−12.34%15.41 USD−2.17 USD
164.274K2.531M USD122.538M USD−88.55%−167.22 USD2.804KHealth Services
ARAYAccuray Incorporated
−12.20%3.60 USD−0.50 USD
2.105M7.577M USD344.706M USD104.36%−0.11 USD1.044KHealth Technology
−12.15%22.06 USD−3.05 USD
280.392K6.185M USD516.558M USD−21.51%−1.33 USD485Electronic Technology
METCRamaco Resources, Inc.
−12.12%8.15 USD−1.13 USD
Strong Sell
932.927K7.608M USD485.305M USD32.23%3.662.26 USD725Energy Minerals
SMWBSimilarweb Ltd.
−12.07%6.12 USD−0.84 USD
Strong Sell
106.388K651.095K USD467.775M USD−14.56%−0.75 USD1.017KTechnology Services
MODNModel N, Inc.
−11.95%28.06 USD−3.81 USD
Strong Sell
750.689K21.064M USD1.079B USD25.93%−1.13 USD1.035KTechnology Services
VZIOVIZIO Holding Corp.
−11.95%6.41 USD−0.87 USD
Strong Sell
2.677M17.161M USD1.253B USD−27.07%136.380.05 USD900Technology Services
ARLOArlo Technologies, Inc.
−11.67%10.14 USD−1.34 USD
1.388M14.075M USD931.277M USD69.06%−0.71 USD343Electronic Technology
GRNDGrindr Inc.
−11.47%5.17 USD−0.67 USD
Strong Sell
322.423K1.667M USD898.779M USD185.15%−0.64 USD202Technology Services
EVRIEveri Holdings Inc.
−11.36%12.95 USD−1.66 USD
Strong Sell
3.504M45.377M USD1.153B USD−27.46%10.991.26 USD2KConsumer Services
STGWStagwell Inc.
−11.32%5.72 USD−0.73 USD
Strong Sell
956.784K5.473M USD1.522B USD−4.35%−0.01 USD12.15KCommercial Services
HOLOMicroCloud Hologram Inc.
−11.27%2.44 USD−0.31 USD
Strong Sell
109.883K268.115K USD123.981M USD84.05%−0.69 USD101Electronic Technology
CDNACareDx, Inc.
−11.23%9.80 USD−1.24 USD
1.41M13.815M USD530.855M USD−52.48%−1.57 USD738Health Technology
AGRXAgile Therapeutics, Inc.
−11.19%2.30 USD−0.29 USD
Strong Sell
167.555K385.393K USD6.735M USD−71.35%−39.40 USD22Health Technology
PRPLPurple Innovation, Inc.
−11.07%2.73 USD−0.34 USD
Strong Sell
2.302M6.284M USD288.051M USD0.59%−1.08 USD1.6KConsumer Durables
TKNOAlpha Teknova, Inc.
−10.88%2.62 USD−0.32 USD
Strong Sell
9.656K25.299K USD73.944M USD−51.57%−1.81 USD290Health Technology
DKNGDraftKings Inc.
−10.88%28.26 USD−3.45 USD
35.784M1.011B USD13.112B USD83.89%−2.58 USD4.2KConsumer Services
SRADSportradar Group AG
−10.88%12.70 USD−1.55 USD
1.027M13.041M USD3.775B USD34.81%−0.05 USD3.977KTechnology Services
BLZEBackblaze, Inc.
−10.66%4.36 USD−0.52 USD
Strong Sell
415.903K1.813M USD150.347M USD−21.10%−1.76 USD393Electronic Technology
TWKSThoughtworks Holding, Inc.
−10.56%4.66 USD−0.55 USD
Strong Sell
2.635M12.28M USD1.481B USD−67.84%−0.11 USD12.5KCommercial Services
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
−10.50%15.25 USD−1.79 USD
126.221M1.925B USD32.305B USD89.06%−0.02 USD3.838KTechnology Services
BOFBranchOut Food Inc.
−10.36%2.25 USD−0.26 USD
96.736K217.656K USD8.917M USD4Consumer Non-Durables
MVISMicroVision, Inc.
−10.33%2.95 USD−0.34 USD
Strong Sell
4.698M13.859M USD520.737M USD−44.22%−0.38 USD350Electronic Technology
ZIPZipRecruiter, Inc.
−10.29%15.60 USD−1.79 USD
Strong Sell
1.553M24.22M USD1.574B USD−21.19%30.020.55 USD1.4KTechnology Services
HIPOHippo Holdings Inc.
−10.26%11.28 USD−1.29 USD
Strong Sell
294.669K3.324M USD266.945M USD−39.53%−16.00 USD590Finance
RADRite Aid Corporation
−10.25%2.54 USD−0.29 USD
5.192M13.188M USD144.009M USD−72.58%−17.25 USD47KRetail Trade
SYMSymbotic Inc.
−10.22%44.88 USD−5.11 USD
1.581M70.975M USD3.629B USD365.13%−0.40 USD1.12KProducer Manufacturing
HOFVHall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company
−10.22%8.35 USD−0.95 USD
Strong Sell
30.584K255.376K USD47.236M USD−49.77%−10.63 USD114Consumer Services
PLCEChildren's Place, Inc. (The)
−10.17%26.51 USD−3.00 USD
Strong Sell
613.8K16.272M USD330.76M USD−40.05%−4.16 USD11.3KRetail Trade
ECORelectroCore, Inc.
−10.10%5.43 USD−0.61 USD
33.571K182.291K USD31.576M USD−27.55%−4.74 USD62Health Technology
MISTMilestone Pharmaceuticals Inc.
−10.09%3.12 USD−0.35 USD
564.618K1.762M USD104.076M USD−42.61%−1.39 USD39Health Technology
−10.08%6.47 USD−0.73 USD
6.718K43.465K USD1.277B USD13.23%−0.08 USD848Technology Services
LYFTLyft, Inc.
−10.03%10.40 USD−1.16 USD
43.166M448.932M USD3.932B USD−33.63%−3.57 USD4.419KTransportation
AGFYAgrify Corporation
−10.03%2.69 USD−0.30 USD
18.948K50.97K USD4.366M USD−86.82%Producer Manufacturing
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.
−9.88%22.35 USD−2.45 USD
84.623M1.891B USD20.998B USD−30.72%−6.46 USD14.122KConsumer Durables
KODKEastman Kodak Company
−9.87%4.75 USD−0.52 USD
973.99K4.626M USD377.499M USD−26.75%7.660.72 USD4.2KProducer Manufacturing
ENTAEnanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−9.83%16.70 USD−1.82 USD
253.012K4.225M USD351.625M USD−72.42%−6.31 USD160Health Technology
LIXTLixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc.
−9.66%2.62 USD−0.28 USD
Strong Sell
76.772K201.143K USD4.836M USD−61.81%−3.64 USD4Health Technology