US stocks that've increased the most in price

If you have a strong business, perfectly designed, expertly executed, then its share price can soar far above the market average, towards the shining sun of all time highs. But — just like Icarus — the wax can also melt and the wings also fail, and its price plummet, down and down to the waiting ocean. The moral of the story is: while top gainers can represent opportunities to trade bullish momentum, they can also represent a peak, and could just as easily see a future decline in share price. It's down to your skill as a trader to make the best call as to what the reality is most likely, based on all the information laid out before you.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
Market cap perf % 1Y
TNGXTango Therapeutics, Inc.
103.92%7.81 USD3.98 USD
Strong Buy
74.892M584.903M USD690.929M USD−5.05%−1.21 USD110Health Technology
DBTXDecibel Therapeutics, Inc.
80.29%5.03 USD2.24 USD
Strong Buy
6.051M30.437M USD125.825M USD−31.48%−2.50 USD68Health Technology
BNTCBenitec Biopharma Inc.
65.80%3.20 USD1.27 USD
26.197M83.83M USD5.267M USD−53.44%−1.44 USD18Health Technology
IDAIT Stamp Inc.
55.06%2.45 USD0.87 USD
14.347M35.149M USD12.548M USD−0.94 USD83Technology Services
PSTXPoseida Therapeutics, Inc.
37.88%2.73 USD0.75 USD
4.845M13.226M USD237.281M USD−44.97%−0.23 USD314Health Technology
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.
33.09%37.00 USD9.20 USD
7.571M280.13M USD2.168B USD−64.57%−12.82 USD593Health Technology
OPRTOportun Financial Corporation
30.29%6.84 USD1.59 USD
Strong Buy
773.002K5.287M USD231.794M USD−29.59%−6.87 USD3.235KFinance
SNMPEvolve Transition Infrastructure LP
28.69%6.10 USD1.36 USD
Strong Buy
1.637M9.986M USD51.728M USD−26.75%−11.04 USD12Industrial Services
UIHCUnited Insurance Holdings Corp.
28.06%7.21 USD1.58 USD
Strong Buy
1.733M12.494M USD312.103M USD451.52%−4.04 USD269Finance
PMVPPMV Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
27.69%8.67 USD1.88 USD
Strong Buy
1.333M11.555M USD396.873M USD−49.31%−1.62 USD62Commercial Services
CTGComputer Task Group, Incorporated
27.50%10.20 USD2.20 USD
Strong Buy
4.134M42.165M USD148.189M USD21.67%62.080.17 USD3.2KCommercial Services
BOOMDMC Global Inc.
26.84%22.26 USD4.71 USD
Strong Buy
637.858K14.199M USD439.954M USD−0.14%13.331.67 USD1.7KIndustrial Services
MGIHMillennium Group International Holdings Limited
26.56%2.43 USD0.51 USD
Strong Buy
11.662M28.338M USD27.338M USD19.630.12 USD861Process Industries
TDUPThredUp Inc.
26.09%4.06 USD0.84 USD
Strong Buy
3.341M13.564M USD411.329M USD9.75%−0.80 USD2.416KRetail Trade
ARRYArray Technologies, Inc.
24.05%22.18 USD4.30 USD
Strong Buy
22.726M504.062M USD3.351B USD−1.80%43.840.51 USD1.082KElectronic Technology
CTNTCheetah Net Supply Chain Service Inc.
20.83%2.90 USD0.50 USD
745.691K2.163M USD47.548M USD20Industrial Services
CLEUChina Liberal Education Holdings Limited
20.75%2.56 USD0.44 USD
Strong Buy
14.271M36.534M USD80.892M USD387.45%−0.02 USD369Commercial Services
CELHCelsius Holdings, Inc.
20.45%172.67 USD29.31 USD
Strong Buy
5.459M942.644M USD13.277B USD56.43%−1.85 USD324Consumer Non-Durables
AZTAAzenta, Inc.
20.33%57.76 USD9.76 USD
Strong Buy
3.888M224.57M USD3.764B USD−18.91%−0.55 USD3.1KHealth Services
LPSNLivePerson, Inc.
19.05%4.75 USD0.76 USD
11.783M55.971M USD375.082M USD−67.32%−1.20 USD1.301KTechnology Services
BROSDutch Bros Inc.
17.86%32.99 USD5.00 USD
Strong Buy
7.599M250.675M USD5.405B USD−34.09%65980.000.00 USD22KConsumer Non-Durables
BIMIBIMI International Medical Inc.
17.21%2.52 USD0.37 USD
58.994K148.665K USD11.05M USD25.61%296Distribution Services
AVXLAnavex Life Sciences Corp.
16.69%9.37 USD1.34 USD
Strong Buy
3.091M28.965M USD767.882M USD−15.00%−0.66 USD38Health Technology
LILALiberty Latin America Ltd.
16.55%9.79 USD1.39 USD
Strong Buy
802.199K7.854M USD2.073B USD9.52%10.390.95 USD11KCommunications
RPDRapid7, Inc.
15.61%46.00 USD6.21 USD
4.651M213.938M USD2.776B USD−37.04%−2.22 USD2.623KTechnology Services
SCPLSciPlay Corporation
15.52%22.70 USD3.05 USD
Strong Buy
7.909M179.53M USD2.832B USD55.12%23.221.01 USD855Technology Services
REALThe RealReal, Inc.
15.21%2.50 USD0.33 USD
6.119M15.297M USD255.355M USD−25.40%−2.12 USD3.468KRetail Trade
IDYAIDEAYA Biosciences, Inc.
14.65%24.81 USD3.17 USD
Strong Buy
1.388M34.432M USD1.421B USD112.83%−1.52 USD103Health Technology
TOSTToast, Inc.
14.64%23.18 USD2.96 USD
22.759M527.562M USD12.064B USD18.80%−0.72 USD4.5KTechnology Services
MRKRMarker Therapeutics, Inc.
14.47%5.30 USD0.67 USD
88.831K470.804K USD46.634M USD−4.92%−2.96 USD67Health Technology
AXONAxon Enterprise, Inc.
14.06%200.44 USD24.71 USD
Strong Buy
2.983M597.968M USD14.985B USD63.81%149.371.37 USD2.821KElectronic Technology
THTarget Hospitality Corp.
13.94%14.39 USD1.76 USD
Strong Buy
1.15M16.549M USD1.459B USD7.73%10.631.41 USD921Consumer Services
NCMINational CineMedia, Inc.
13.85%3.70 USD0.45 USD
1.24M4.589M USD64.451M USD−50.44%1.3327.89 USD297Commercial Services
COCPCocrystal Pharma, Inc.
13.77%3.14 USD0.38 USD
Strong Buy
131.281K412.222K USD31.946M USD−29.32%−12.60 USD12Health Technology
SDASunCar Technology Group Inc.
13.55%18.44 USD2.20 USD
514.524K9.488M USD664.911M USD659.14%102.960.18 USD3Finance
OFIXOrthofix Medical Inc.
13.31%20.35 USD2.39 USD
508.235K10.343M USD747.632M USD49.96%−3.66 USD1.092KHealth Technology
QSIQuantum-Si Incorporated
13.17%2.32 USD0.27 USD
3.057M7.091M USD328.782M USD−41.95%−0.81 USD202Technology Services
12.73%3.72 USD0.42 USD
Strong Buy
71.582K266.285K USD41.836M USD−46.20%−1.84 USD110Health Technology
APEIAmerican Public Education, Inc.
12.48%6.04 USD0.67 USD
162.255K980.02K USD107.357M USD−67.78%−6.76 USD6.244KConsumer Services Ltd.
12.46%3.79 USD0.42 USD
Strong Buy
3.769M14.283M USD1.301B USD74.31%−0.24 USD1.815KTechnology Services
OSCROscar Health, Inc.
12.06%7.99 USD0.86 USD
5.328M42.574M USD1.464B USD16.74%−2.21 USD2.714KHealth Services
OLMAOlema Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
12.05%10.60 USD1.14 USD
Strong Buy
559.114K5.927M USD438.335M USD70.34%−2.41 USD86Health Technology
LUNRIntuitive Machines, Inc.
11.87%9.14 USD0.97 USD
2.586M23.636M USD768.733M USD−35.33%163Electronic Technology
TLSTelos Corporation
11.74%2.57 USD0.27 USD
695.739K1.788M USD178.331M USD−71.32%−0.66 USD738Technology Services
MQMarqeta, Inc.
11.69%5.54 USD0.58 USD
Strong Buy
22.087M122.36M USD2.994B USD−52.93%−0.38 USD958Commercial Services
HNIHNI Corporation
11.69%32.49 USD3.40 USD
Strong Buy
469.102K15.241M USD1.512B USD5.60%19.801.66 USD7.3KConsumer Durables
HOTHHoth Therapeutics, Inc.
11.11%2.50 USD0.25 USD
2.025M5.062M USD8.255M USD−48.74%Health Technology
OXACOxbridge Acquisition Corp.
11.07%10.03 USD1.00 USD
60.016K601.96K USD41.895M USD−74.15%86.690.12 USD2Finance
BLNKBlink Charging Co.
11.00%6.86 USD0.68 USD
7.833M53.733M USD426.647M USD−64.75%−2.37 USD620Consumer Services
10.53%6.56 USD0.63 USD
Strong Buy
66.309K434.987K USD321.128M USD−18.46%189Producer Manufacturing
ARCTArcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
10.45%28.42 USD2.69 USD
599.589K17.04M USD755.93M USD42.10%9.833.03 USD170Health Technology
HRTGHeritage Insurance Holdings, Inc.
10.41%4.88 USD0.46 USD
Strong Buy
264.581K1.291M USD129.172M USD39.87%−0.49 USD612Finance
VERXVertex, Inc.
10.24%19.59 USD1.82 USD
476.161K9.328M USD2.969B USD52.57%−0.21 USD1.4KTechnology Services
PTNPalatin Technologies, Inc.
10.23%2.91 USD0.27 USD
484.442K1.41M USD33.533M USD1210.05%−2.95 USD33Health Technology
10.14%2.91 USD0.27 USD
81.516K237.016K USD7.25M USD−43.02%−11.01 USD17Health Technology
NPCENeuropace, Inc.
9.76%4.50 USD0.40 USD
Strong Buy
581.704K2.618M USD116.368M USD−20.87%−1.70 USD167Health Technology
NFENew Fortress Energy Inc.
9.75%29.83 USD2.65 USD
4.238M126.426M USD6.116B USD−51.11%15.721.90 USD577Utilities
CDRECadre Holdings, Inc.
9.55%25.58 USD2.23 USD
Strong Buy
204.114K5.221M USD961.451M USD−7.79%32.730.79 USD2.274KFinance
ANIPANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
9.21%61.08 USD5.15 USD
Strong Buy
346.354K21.155M USD1.231B USD90.17%−1.72 USD600Health Technology
PENNPENN Entertainment, Inc.
9.10%27.10 USD2.26 USD
49.43M1.34B USD4.177B USD−26.30%6.224.77 USD21.875KConsumer Services
MEGMontrose Environmental Group, Inc.
9.00%41.52 USD3.43 USD
416.279K17.284M USD1.249B USD−7.69%−1.84 USD2.9KCommercial Services
COHNCohen & Company Inc.
8.93%7.68 USD0.63 USD
60.996K468.443K USD13.988M USD−36.67%−8.86 USD121Finance
IPAImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.
8.71%2.37 USD0.19 USD
102.739K243.461K USD59.09M USD−49.57%−0.81 USD102Health Technology
ARHSArhaus, Inc.
8.71%12.61 USD1.01 USD
Strong Buy
3.344M42.171M USD1.766B USD97.24%11.151.14 USD2.12KConsumer Durables
ITIIteris, Inc.
8.63%4.53 USD0.36 USD
Strong Buy
341.77K1.548M USD193.62M USD45.86%−0.35 USD450Electronic Technology
WWWW International, Inc.
8.56%9.77 USD0.77 USD
6.004M58.661M USD771.498M USD62.72%−4.42 USD7.1KConsumer Services
INMBINmune Bio Inc.
8.54%8.52 USD0.67 USD
50.48K430.09K USD153.545M USD−15.24%−1.48 USD10Health Technology
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc.
8.47%102.99 USD8.04 USD
Strong Buy
5.637M580.574M USD15.625B USD−4.38%34.802.97 USD9.8KTechnology Services
PRAProAssurance Corporation
8.17%18.27 USD1.38 USD
Strong Buy
426.695K7.796M USD951.224M USD−27.72%106.160.17 USD1.083KFinance
8.10%18.82 USD1.41 USD
Strong Buy
1.773M33.362M USD552.965M USD1.78%−1.26 USD1.888KHealth Technology
YTRAYatra Online, Inc.
8.04%2.15 USD0.16 USD
Strong Buy
115.235K247.755K USD136.537M USD−15.53%−0.06 USDConsumer Services
GNLXGenelux Corporation
8.04%29.98 USD2.23 USD
Strong Buy
183.705K5.507M USD739.466M USD−0.48 USD15Health Technology
RTCBaijiayun Group Ltd - Class
8.00%5.40 USD0.40 USD
4.126K22.28K USD452.443M USD1357.68%592Technology Services
FAFirst Advantage Corporation
7.98%15.57 USD1.15 USD
Strong Buy
537.711K8.372M USD2.277B USD−5.64%47.530.33 USD5.8KCommercial Services
OMIOwens & Minor, Inc.
7.95%20.36 USD1.50 USD
Strong Buy
1.024M20.844M USD1.558B USD−40.94%−1.30 USD22.5KHealth Technology
CRVSCorvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
7.94%2.31 USD0.17 USD
382.527K883.637K USD113.111M USD146.06%−0.84 USD29Health Technology
CPNGCoupang, Inc.
7.88%19.30 USD1.41 USD
Strong Buy
27.223M525.394M USD34.332B USD−4.86%80.820.24 USD63KRetail Trade
CRGOFreightos Limited
7.84%2.75 USD0.20 USD
26.202K72.056K USD130.447M USD−16.34%Technology Services
TWINTwin Disc, Incorporated
7.75%13.77 USD0.99 USD
Strong Buy
61.356K844.872K USD190.242M USD42.20%19.520.71 USD761Producer Manufacturing
7.69%13.59 USD0.97 USD
Strong Buy
37.332K507.342K USD64.017M USD67.12%12.271.12 USD117Technology Services
BLBXBlackboxstocks Inc.
7.63%2.82 USD0.20 USD
42.571K120.05K USD8.966M USD−51.03%−1.46 USD32Technology Services
AZTRAzitra Inc
7.57%2.70 USD0.19 USD
13.87K37.449K USD32.634M USD10Health Technology
LABStandard BioTools Inc.
7.56%2.56 USD0.18 USD
Strong Buy
234.771K601.014K USD202.15M USD41.18%−1.07 USD523Health Technology
MODVModivCare Inc.
7.44%37.12 USD2.57 USD
230.545K8.558M USD526.408M USD−68.43%−16.27 USD20KTransportation
EWCZEuropean Wax Center, Inc.
7.43%19.24 USD1.33 USD
Strong Buy
746.594K14.364M USD1.22B USD−11.86%109.940.18 USD117Consumer Services
ATUSAltice USA, Inc.
7.36%3.50 USD0.24 USD
4.065M14.227M USD1.592B USD−69.81%−0.01 USD11KCommunications
BTBDBT Brands, Inc.
7.30%2.50 USD0.17 USD
Strong Buy
20.511K51.278K USD15.615M USD−0.12 USD220Consumer Services
AEONAEON Biopharma, Inc.
7.20%7.89 USD0.53 USD
57.797K456.018K USD216.429M USD−40.59%−0.41 USD3Health Technology
RNGRRanger Energy Services, Inc.
7.17%11.96 USD0.80 USD
Strong Buy
438.342K5.243M USD297.549M USD24.86%9.011.35 USD2KIndustrial Services
SLNGStabilis Solutions, Inc.
7.16%4.34 USD0.29 USD
13.061K56.685K USD80.198M USD−10.61%−0.09 USD99Energy Minerals
NVCRNovoCure Limited
7.13%29.61 USD1.97 USD
1.715M50.77M USD3.157B USD−63.36%−1.65 USD1.32KHealth Technology
RLMDRelmada Therapeutics, Inc.
7.09%2.72 USD0.18 USD
105.37K286.606K USD81.87M USD−90.68%−4.29 USD14Health Technology
RXTRackspace Technology, Inc.
7.08%2.42 USD0.16 USD
2.834M6.859M USD520.494M USD−66.49%−6.44 USD6.8KTechnology Services
SSNTSilverSun Technologies, Inc.
7.06%3.79 USD0.25 USD
Strong Buy
24.431K92.593K USD19.921M USD−1.56%653.450.01 USD172Commercial Services
VCYTVeracyte, Inc.
7.04%26.76 USD1.76 USD
973.826K26.06M USD1.938B USD5.01%−0.40 USD787Health Technology
TSBXTurnstone Biologics Corp.
6.92%12.05 USD0.78 USD
Strong Buy
100.868K1.215M USD267.374M USDHealth Technology
SLDPSolid Power, Inc.
6.83%2.66 USD0.17 USD
3.346M8.9M USD473.027M USD−62.03%−0.25 USD236Producer Manufacturing
ENREnergizer Holdings, Inc.
6.83%35.06 USD2.24 USD
879.636K30.84M USD2.506B USD6.93%−3.40 USD5.5KConsumer Non-Durables
JANXJanux Therapeutics, Inc.
6.82%12.68 USD0.81 USD
89.036K1.129M USD585.04M USD5.24%−1.62 USD60Health Technology
CLVTClarivate Plc
6.82%7.05 USD0.45 USD
13.748M96.922M USD4.767B USD−48.44%−6.31 USD11.6KCommercial Services