US stocks with weird trading volumes

The noticeable thing about unusual things is that they're usually quite noticeable. This list highlights the shares that currently have out-of-the-ordinary trading volumes — both bullish and bearish — so you can keep tabs on what's beginning to shift, long before the forums start chattering about it.

Relative Volume
Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
Market cap perf % 1Y
AEAEAltEnergy Acquisition Corp.
505.5110.68 USD2.50%0.26 USD
Strong Buy
317.812K3.394M USD365.79M USD24.92%46.310.23 USD3Finance
TNGXTango Therapeutics, Inc.
289.057.81 USD103.92%3.98 USD
Strong Buy
74.892M584.903M USD690.929M USD−5.05%−1.21 USD110Health Technology
DBTXDecibel Therapeutics, Inc.
272.925.03 USD80.29%2.24 USD
Strong Buy
6.051M30.437M USD125.825M USD−31.48%−2.50 USD68Health Technology
ASNSActelis Networks, Inc.
202.951.50 USD−31.82%−0.70 USD
Strong Sell
4.525M6.788M USD2.611M USD−4.75 USD48Electronic Technology
KBNTKubient, Inc.
171.100.6800 USD44.37%0.2090 USD
Strong Buy
4.887M3.323M USD10.014M USD−53.37%−0.87 USD16Technology Services
NPCENeuropace, Inc.
158.274.50 USD9.76%0.40 USD
Strong Buy
581.704K2.618M USD116.368M USD−20.87%−1.70 USD167Health Technology
FRBNForbion European Acquisition Corp.
149.5810.84 USD0.37%0.04 USD
Strong Buy
2.136M23.153M USD171.407M USD7.78%2084.620.01 USD2Finance
CTGComputer Task Group, Incorporated
138.0810.20 USD27.50%2.20 USD
Strong Buy
4.134M42.165M USD148.189M USD21.67%62.080.17 USD3.2KCommercial Services
RENBRenovaro Biosciences Inc.
122.041.5500 USD82.35%0.7000 USD
Strong Buy
33.942M52.611M USD90.34M USD−65.35%−2.00 USD22Health Technology
SNCEScience 37 Holdings, Inc.
107.360.4139 USD53.24%0.1438 USD
Strong Buy
29.176M12.076M USD48.473M USD−87.04%−1.15 USD460Commercial Services
HOTHHoth Therapeutics, Inc.
88.682.50 USD11.11%0.25 USD
2.025M5.062M USD8.255M USD−48.74%Health Technology
AKANAkanda Corp.
65.940.5600 USD−7.50%−0.0454 USD
6.089M3.41M USD1.906M USD−0.35 USD46Process Industries
ATNF180 Life Sciences Corp.
65.850.8440 USD9.43%0.0727 USD
11.117M9.383M USD4.488M USD−90.20%−21.41 USD5Health Technology
SPRCSciSparc Ltd.
53.850.4950 USD11.24%0.0500 USD
10.921M5.406M USD3.574M USD−27.12%−1.33 USD3Health Technology
ROSSRoss Acquisition Corp II
45.8210.64 USD0.00%0.00 USD
121.66K1.294M USD159.663M USD−62.31%94.080.11 USD3Finance
BNTCBenitec Biopharma Inc.
38.503.20 USD65.80%1.27 USD
26.197M83.83M USD5.267M USD−53.44%−1.44 USD18Health Technology
TCBCTC Bancshares, Inc.
34.3214.52 USD1.36%0.20 USD
Strong Buy
74.914K1.088M USD70.268M USD1.45%50.880.29 USD59Finance
PALIPalisade Bio, Inc.
31.260.72 USD−62.70%−1.22 USD
Strong Sell
4.417M3.196M USD4.847M USD25.67%−11.78 USD12Health Technology
SCPLSciPlay Corporation
26.2922.70 USD15.52%3.05 USD
Strong Buy
7.909M179.53M USD2.832B USD55.12%23.221.01 USD855Technology Services
MGIHMillennium Group International Holdings Limited
25.462.43 USD26.56%0.51 USD
Strong Buy
11.662M28.338M USD27.338M USD19.630.12 USD861Process Industries
LUNRIntuitive Machines, Inc.
23.219.14 USD11.87%0.97 USD
2.586M23.636M USD768.733M USD−35.33%163Electronic Technology
TYGOTigo Energy, Inc.
22.3912.01 USD−43.62%−9.29 USD
Strong Sell
986.822K11.852M USD698.316M USD734.75%−0.08 USDElectronic Technology
MURFMurphy Canyon Acquisition Corp.
19.7610.79 USD0.00%0.00 USD
Strong Buy
9.148K98.707K USD39.877M USD−77.04%153.490.07 USD3Finance
AUVIApplied UV, Inc.
19.090.7125 USD−2.37%−0.0173 USD
3.291M2.345M USD2.756M USD−88.17%−7.48 USD115Process Industries
IVCPSwiftmerge Acquisition Corp.
17.8910.36 USD−0.10%−0.01 USD
8.825K91.427K USD291.375M USD4.85%111.880.09 USD4Finance
NXUNxu, Inc.
15.580.2050 USD−39.46%−0.1336 USD
Strong Sell
13.368M2.741M USD13.707M USD−6.33 USD93Producer Manufacturing
OSIOsiris Acquisition Corp.
15.2610.12 USD0.89%0.09 USD
29.807K301.647K USD89.598M USD−68.45%−0.15 USD3Finance
FLLFull House Resorts, Inc.
14.175.11 USD−17.18%−1.06 USD
Strong Sell
1.06M5.418M USD176.016M USD−33.53%−0.80 USD1.54KConsumer Services
PUBMPubMatic, Inc.
13.3012.30 USD−33.73%−6.26 USD
Strong Sell
3.514M43.223M USD638.854M USD−16.33%200.000.09 USD875Technology Services
EVEEVe Mobility Acquisition Corp
12.8710.56 USD0.09%0.01 USD
Strong Buy
57.775K610.104K USD364.038M USD5.71%67.300.16 USD4Finance
UIHCUnited Insurance Holdings Corp.
12.577.21 USD28.06%1.58 USD
Strong Buy
1.733M12.494M USD312.103M USD451.52%−4.04 USD269Finance
PENNPENN Entertainment, Inc.
12.1027.10 USD9.10%2.26 USD
49.43M1.34B USD4.177B USD−26.30%6.224.77 USD21.875KConsumer Services
JCSEJE Cleantech Holdings Limited
11.870.5000 USD−4.24%−0.0222 USD
Strong Sell
262.028K131.014K USD7.51M USD8.760.06 USD102Producer Manufacturing
PACIPROOF Acquisition Corp I
11.3810.66 USD0.57%0.06 USD
Strong Buy
26.448K281.936K USD142.236M USD−58.72%90.650.12 USDFinance
ANGIAngi Inc.
10.862.59 USD−33.07%−1.28 USD
Strong Sell
6.225M16.123M USD1.312B USD−36.44%−0.20 USD4.6KTechnology Services
GRTXGalera Therapeutics, Inc.
10.682.24 USD6.16%0.13 USD
17.272M38.689M USD96.111M USD188.50%−2.22 USD31Health Technology
KVHIKVH Industries, Inc.
10.145.97 USD−31.54%−2.75 USD
Strong Sell
462.614K2.762M USD116.44M USD−30.36%3.871.54 USD397Electronic Technology
PWUPPowerUp Acquisition Corp.
9.8210.85 USD2.84%0.30 USD
Strong Buy
137.36K1.49M USD97.555M USD47.380.23 USDFinance
NTIPNetwork-1 Technologies, Inc.
9.812.15 USD−3.15%−0.07 USD
Strong Sell
65.945K141.782K USD51.081M USD−3.56%−0.07 USD2Commercial Services
ITAQIndustrial Tech Acquisitions II, Inc.
9.5410.55 USD0.48%0.05 USD
Strong Buy
6.287K66.328K USD59.728M USD−72.40%65.280.16 USDFinance
WEWeWork Inc.
9.390.1289 USD−38.56%−0.0809 USD
Strong Sell
131.969M17.011M USD274.531M USD−86.82%−1.90 USD4.3KCommercial Services
MLYSMineralys Therapeutics, Inc.
9.3213.23 USD−1.05%−0.14 USD
996.437K13.183M USD540.533M USD12Health Technology
LPTVLoop Media, Inc.
9.221.82 USD−5.70%−0.11 USD
Strong Sell
1.048M1.907M USD106.011M USD−74.31%−0.69 USDTechnology Services
8.800.0396 USD37.50%0.0108 USD
456.576M18.08M USD1.625M USD−96.60%−2.29 USD37Technology Services
BMACBlack Mountain Acquisition Corp.
8.7810.70 USD0.28%0.03 USD
50.092K535.984K USD126.723M USD−63.44%83.460.13 USD2Finance
GFORGraf Acquisition Corp. IV
8.6610.38 USD0.19%0.02 USD
152.891K1.587M USD222.67M USD6.03%76.160.14 USD4Finance
YTENYield10 Bioscience, Inc.
8.551.26 USD−22.22%−0.36 USD
Strong Sell
512.255K645.493K USD7.687M USD−22.15%−2.84 USD30Process Industries
GNPXGenprex, Inc.
8.520.6400 USD−3.18%−0.0210 USD
Strong Sell
3.813M2.44M USD38.022M USD−43.85%−0.56 USDHealth Technology
ACGNAceragen, Inc.
8.420.5800 USD34.88%0.1500 USD
1.423M825.58K USD4.884M USD−84.81%Health Technology
PALTPaltalk, Inc.
8.391.73 USD−3.35%−0.06 USD
Strong Sell
300.352K519.609K USD15.954M USD−7.24%−0.36 USD19Technology Services
FTCIFTC Solar, Inc.
8.292.30 USD−33.53%−1.16 USD
Strong Sell
10.255M23.586M USD256.898M USD−20.39%−0.81 USD221Technology Services
8.2218.82 USD8.10%1.41 USD
Strong Buy
1.773M33.362M USD552.965M USD1.78%−1.26 USD1.888KHealth Technology
GTESGates Industrial Corporation plc
8.2011.77 USD−7.90%−1.01 USD
Strong Sell
10.158M119.563M USD3.323B USD1.49%14.620.81 USD15KProducer Manufacturing
LPSNLivePerson, Inc.
8.194.75 USD19.05%0.76 USD
11.783M55.971M USD375.082M USD−67.32%−1.20 USD1.301KTechnology Services
CPHIChina Pharma Holdings, Inc.
8.070.2630 USD−3.59%−0.0098 USD
1.698M446.638K USD2.561M USD−76.10%−0.60 USD234Health Technology
RANIRani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
8.054.40 USD4.27%0.18 USD
187.439K824.732K USD217.766M USD−61.37%−1.32 USD163Health Technology
KCGIKensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V
8.0410.64 USD0.19%0.02 USD
3.531M37.568M USD367.08M USD7.06%24.070.44 USD5Finance
CHEAChenghe Acquisition Co.
8.0110.76 USD0.00%0.00 USD
185.402K1.995M USD154.675M USD53.450.20 USD2Finance
BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.
7.981.0950 USD9.50%0.0950 USD
Strong Buy
318.371K348.616K USD32.806M USD−19.74%−1.33 USD1.093KConsumer Services
BROSDutch Bros Inc.
7.8732.99 USD17.86%5.00 USD
Strong Buy
7.599M250.675M USD5.405B USD−34.09%65980.000.00 USD22KConsumer Non-Durables
BLFSBioLife Solutions, Inc.
7.8713.11 USD−28.71%−5.28 USD
Strong Sell
2.242M29.395M USD570.113M USD−44.38%−1.94 USD467Health Technology
VERIVeritone, Inc.
7.792.52 USD−37.00%−1.48 USD
Strong Sell
2.632M6.633M USD92.799M USD−54.52%−1.26 USD661Commercial Services
SGLYSingularity Future Technology Ltd.
7.790.4820 USD4.78%0.0220 USD
198.91K95.875K USD9.083M USD−87.52%−1.11 USD39Transportation
7.776.56 USD10.53%0.63 USD
Strong Buy
66.309K434.987K USD321.128M USD−18.46%189Producer Manufacturing
GSDGlobal Systems Dynamics Inc.
7.7611.35 USD−0.00%−0.00 USD
172.224K1.955M USD47.399M USD−64.89%−0.06 USD1Finance
CLEUChina Liberal Education Holdings Limited
7.712.56 USD20.75%0.44 USD
Strong Buy
14.271M36.534M USD80.892M USD387.45%−0.02 USD369Commercial Services
ASLEAerSale Corporation
7.7010.93 USD−25.14%−3.67 USD
Strong Sell
3.24M35.418M USD559.85M USD−27.66%−0.05 USD606Distribution Services
HNNAHennessy Advisors, Inc.
7.707.02 USD−1.82%−0.13 USD
Strong Sell
66.262K465.159K USD53.202M USD−28.35%11.100.64 USD19Finance
LNWLight & Wonder, Inc.
7.5673.51 USD3.32%2.36 USD
Strong Buy
3.082M226.522M USD6.716B USD28.88%348.060.22 USD6.1KConsumer Services
DOCSDoximity, Inc.
7.5425.30 USD−22.84%−7.49 USD
Strong Sell
11.152M282.138M USD4.929B USD−9.51%45.280.61 USD977Technology Services
AGTIAgiliti, Inc.
7.5112.27 USD−27.95%−4.76 USD
Strong Sell
1.232M15.12M USD1.657B USD−6.03%409.000.03 USD5.5KConsumer Services
RBLXRoblox Corporation
7.4129.46 USD−21.94%−8.28 USD
Strong Sell
57.18M1.685B USD17.991B USD−17.95%−1.72 USD2.128KTechnology Services
SALMSalem Media Group, Inc.
7.310.7567 USD−17.75%−0.1633 USD
Strong Sell
215.781K163.281K USD16.392M USD−60.68%−0.97 USD1.436KConsumer Services
SWVLSwvl Holdings Corp
7.220.87 USD−14.71%−0.15 USD
Strong Sell
213.944K186.131K USD4.769M USD−97.43%Transportation
SEERSeer, Inc.
7.203.09 USD−33.69%−1.57 USD
Strong Sell
958.392K2.961M USD196.961M USD−53.68%−1.49 USD164Health Technology
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.
6.9437.00 USD33.09%9.20 USD
7.571M280.13M USD2.168B USD−64.57%−12.82 USD593Health Technology
LEXXLexaria Bioscience Corp.
6.900.9932 USD6.81%0.0633 USD
382.482K379.881K USD8.037M USD−54.68%−1.13 USD7Health Technology
AVTXAvalo Therapeutics, Inc.
6.890.1525 USD−8.13%−0.0135 USD
14.688M2.24M USD3.194M USD−93.10%−2.14 USD20Health Technology
6.843.72 USD12.73%0.42 USD
Strong Buy
71.582K266.285K USD41.836M USD−46.20%−1.84 USD110Health Technology
KRNTKornit Digital Ltd.
6.6722.23 USD−20.61%−5.77 USD
Strong Sell
1.949M43.32M USD1.112B USD−5.22%−1.76 USD934Producer Manufacturing
NSNustar Energy L.P.
6.6415.53 USD−6.22%−1.03 USD
Strong Sell
2.562M39.795M USD1.722B USD4.87%19.480.80 USD1.167KIndustrial Services
BIRDAllbirds, Inc.
6.631.66 USD29.69%0.38 USD
6.436M10.683M USD249.358M USD−71.60%−0.76 USD760Consumer Non-Durables
VHIValhi, Inc.
6.6213.03 USD−5.17%−0.71 USD
Strong Sell
58.18K758.085K USD368.599M USD−68.29%54.610.24 USD2.266KProcess Industries
GSUNGolden Sun Education Group Limited
6.621.0600 USD34.18%0.2700 USD
519.509K550.68K USD19.457M USD−98.14%377Commercial Services
MAQCMaquia Capital Acquisition Corporation
6.5211.50 USD2.68%0.30 USD
Strong Buy
19.554K224.871K USD95.493M USD−59.71%50.460.23 USD4Finance, Inc.
6.4512.21 USD−20.46%−3.14 USD
6.066M74.065M USD2.342B USD44.71%−0.05 USD1.383KCommercial Services
CVIIChurchill Capital Corp VII
6.3810.40 USD0.00%0.00 USD
2.325M24.182M USD962.167M USD6.12%34.970.30 USD2Finance
SSTISoundThinking, Inc.
6.2817.89 USD−19.85%−4.43 USD
Strong Sell
155.307K2.778M USD219.068M USD−32.09%−0.12 USD213Technology Services
LILALiberty Latin America Ltd.
6.279.79 USD16.55%1.39 USD
Strong Buy
802.199K7.854M USD2.073B USD9.52%10.390.95 USD11KCommunications
OPRTOportun Financial Corporation
6.236.84 USD30.29%1.59 USD
Strong Buy
773.002K5.287M USD231.794M USD−29.59%−6.87 USD3.235KFinance
ACRVAcrivon Therapeutics, Inc.
6.1411.92 USD0.51%0.06 USD
48.329K576.082K USD261.358M USD41Health Technology
UPWheels Up Experience Inc.
6.121.56 USD−35.00%−0.84 USD
Strong Sell
5.741M8.955M USD39.252M USD−90.28%−2.35 USD3.111KTransportation
VCSAVacasa, Inc.
6.120.6813 USD−5.38%−0.0387 USD
Strong Sell
3.471M2.365M USD368.258M USD−71.31%−0.77 USD7.9KFinance
RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.
6.123.27 USD−23.06%−0.98 USD
Strong Sell
4.089M13.37M USD212.938M USD−12.08%31.440.11 USD2.5KProcess Industries
PFSWPFSweb, Inc.
6.104.77 USD5.30%0.24 USD
341.613K1.629M USD108.494M USD−58.89%−0.28 USD1.352KTransportation
MQMarqeta, Inc.
5.965.54 USD11.69%0.58 USD
Strong Buy
22.087M122.36M USD2.994B USD−52.93%−0.38 USD958Commercial Services
CPIXCumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.
5.951.65 USD15.38%0.22 USD
83.774K138.227K USD23.841M USD−33.37%−0.12 USD85Health Technology
BOSCB.O.S. Better Online Solutions
5.944.00 USD3.11%0.12 USD
Strong Buy
122.694K490.837K USD22.809M USD47.38%14.070.28 USD86Electronic Technology
LPROOpen Lending Corporation
5.797.96 USD−22.34%−2.29 USD
Strong Sell
2.679M21.326M USD960.405M USD−9.69%22.350.36 USD180Technology Services
EGHT8x8 Inc
5.783.30 USD−21.62%−0.91 USD
Strong Sell
6.876M22.692M USD395.821M USD−36.91%−0.54 USD1.921KTechnology Services